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What's Inside?

You know what they say: You are what you clean with. (at least we think that's what they say...)

Our mission is to make cleaning healthy. That's the way it should be. Our products are centered around two basic ingredients: castile soap, and high quality essential oils. We've carefully selected other ingredients to round out our products. Have a look below. See for yourself what you're cleaning with. 

Castile Soap (olive & coconut)

Castile soap has a long history of quality. At one time, it was treasured and sought after by Spanish kings. Though it originally was made only with olive oil, today other vegetable oils are used for other effects.

Our castile soaps use only high quality olive oil and coconut oil. We make it like it has been made for a millennia: treating a triglyceride with an alkali. Our oils are treated with potassium hydroxide (commonly known as lye). That saponifies the oil, and no lye is left in the final product. 

Essential Oils

For nearly 5,000 years, people have been using essential oils and other botanicals for cleaning and personal care. We use a variety of scents throughout our line of products. We source only the highest quality oils, all therapeutic grade. 

Many people use essential oils for aromatherapy and all of its reported benefits. Because we use only high quality oils, the chemical structure of the plant it comes from remains completely intact in the oil. Because of this, they not only provide a nice scent, but also powerful cleaning properties in the case of some oils (like lemon and tea tree). 

Natural Vitamin E oil 

This is added to certain products for two reasons. it is nourishing to the skin, as used in our hand soaps. It also prevents oxidation to ensure the oils will be long lasting. 

Vegetable glycerin 

This is a clear liquid made from vegetables. In more specific terms, it is made by heating a triglyceride-rich vegetable oil under pressure, or with a strong alkali. This causes the glycerin to separate and combine with water to create the final product. 

We use vegetable glycerin to make our soap more gentle. It is a product that many people use in food or items such as toothpaste. Our products are not food, nor are they meant to be consumed, but this is a gentle, natural product well suited for household cleaning products. 

Cocamidopropyl betaine

This is a very mild surfactant, which adds a cleansing and lathering quality to our products. it is derived from coconuts. 

Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS)

SLS is also a surfactant. it generates lots of suds, cuts through grease and dirt, and biodegrades completely and quickly. it is made by combining a sulfate group with lauryl alcohol from coconut oil, then attaching sodium. 

 We recognize this product has been the subject of much criticism. But, a thorough study of its qualities and background reveals that much of the criticism of SLS is simply unfounded and inaccurate. 

Much of the problem stems from SLS being confused with a similar product, Sodium Laureth sulfate. sls is not carcinogenic. it cannot produce nitrosamines because it does not have a nitrogen nor an amino group. 

In some concentrations it could be irritating to the skin, but we formulate our products with coco-betaine (see above) to counteract this. Also, SLS does not appear in any of our soaps, or anything that you would put on your skin. our Castile soaps are simply much better and healthier for your skin. it makes its appearance in our laundry detergent, where it can do its magic and then be washed away safely.

Decyl Glucoside 

This is a glucose based surfactant. It is added as a cleansing agent.