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Wool Dryer Balls (3 Pack)

Wool Dryer Balls (3 Pack)

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Ever wondered whats in those dryer sheets you use? (The ingredient list isnt pretty.) Getting rid of static shouldn't come at the cost of your health. Our wool dryer balls do the job even better. Not only do they get rid of static, but they lift and seperate your clothes in the dryer, helping them to dry faster. Three (3) dryer balls work great for small and medium loads. For large loads, or loads of towels, six (6) dryer balls will do the trick.

We make every single one by hand. We use undyed core sheep's wool that we source from one farm in quaint Frankenmuth, Michigan. 

As an added bonus, you can add a few (or more if you'd like) drops of your favorite essential oil to give your clothes a boost of scent as they dry. 

These dryer balls are good for many, many washes. How many? Let's just say we stopped counting after 1,000.